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Silver Peak has thousands of customers worldwide and hundreds of production SD-WAN deployments. They extend across a broad range of industries and range from the largest enterprises to mid-market enterprises and service providers. Teneo provides a full range of services in support of global Silver Peak deployments, from design through to delivery in a Managed Service model.

Read the Teneo and Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect Services Overview:

Teneo & Silver Peak SD-WAN


You can also read more about our Silver Peak Managed Service here.

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution lowers costs and helps you gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport. Unlike other vendors, Silver Peak offers a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage.

Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution can be deployed in remote offices, branches, regional hubs, data centres or in the cloud. Here are some further advantages:

  • Any combination of transport
  • Predictable application performance
  • QoS over any transport
  • High availability, seamless sub-second failover
  • WAN optimisation with optional Unity Boost
  • Edge-to-edge encryption + WAN hardening
  • Application segmentation via business intent overlays
  • Stateful firewall / NAT for granular internet breakout
  • Centralised policies distributed by application or location
  • Simple service chaining with next generation security alliances
  • First-packet application classification
  • Automated application steering in alignment with business intent
  • Deep application intelligence
  • Network performance visibility (loss, latency, jitter)
  • Underlay troubleshooting
  • Interoperability with or replacement of legacy routing
  • Simple service chaining with industry leading alliance partner solutions

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Silver Peak has partnered with Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect Cloud Service to provide a powerful, cloud-based Next-Generation Firewall environment that leverages the dynamics of SD-WAN to stop threats and safely enable access to internal and cloud-based apps. Read the datasheet:

Silver Peak & PAN GlobalProtect Cloud Service


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