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Silver Peak has thousands of customers worldwide and hundreds of production SD-WAN deployments. They extend across a broad range of industries and range from the largest enterprises to mid-market enterprises and service providers. Teneo provides a full range of services in support of global Silver Peak deployments, from design through to delivery in a Managed Service model.

Read the Teneo and Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect Services Overview:

Teneo & Silver Peak SD-WAN


You can also read more about our Silver Peak Managed Service here.

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution lowers costs and helps you gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport. Unlike other vendors, Silver Peak offers a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage.

Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution can be deployed in remote offices, branches, regional hubs, data centres or in the cloud. Here are some further advantages:

  • Any combination of transport
  • Predictable application performance
  • QoS over any transport
  • High availability, seamless sub-second failover
  • WAN optimisation with optional Unity Boost
  • Edge-to-edge encryption + WAN hardening
  • Application segmentation via business intent overlays
  • Stateful firewall / NAT for granular internet breakout
  • Centralised policies distributed by application or location
  • Simple service chaining with next generation security alliances
  • First-packet application classification
  • Automated application steering in alignment with business intent
  • Deep application intelligence
  • Network performance visibility (loss, latency, jitter)
  • Underlay troubleshooting
  • Interoperability with or replacement of legacy routing
  • Simple service chaining with industry leading alliance partner solutions

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Silver Peak has partnered with Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect Cloud Service to provide a powerful, cloud-based Next-Generation Firewall environment that leverages the dynamics of SD-WAN to stop threats and safely enable access to internal and cloud-based apps. Read the datasheet:

Silver Peak & PAN GlobalProtect Cloud Service


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Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solutions enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of building a WAN by leveraging broadband to connect users to applications. By empowering customers to use broadband connections to augment or replace their current MPLS networks, Silver Peak improves customer responsiveness, increases application performance, and significantly reduces capital and … Continued

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