Buried in security data? Meet Corelight.

Networks and data volumes are evolving so fast that security tools and teams are having a hard job keeping up. Faced with an inundation of alerts, it’s a relentless challenge to determine where the real threats lie. Thousands of SecOps teams already use the open-source software Bro to help with threat hunting. It’s a firm favourite of those who know it and might be familiar to you too. It was created 22 years ago by the legendary Vern Paxson, Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Check out this video for a short explanation:

Bro (now known as Zeek) feeds better data to your existing analytics stack, so your time can be better spent looking for attackers, in the right places. It separates the thousands of network events it detects each second from the policies those events might trigger and contextualises all the metadata it collects by identifying logs that relate to one another. Its easy-to-interpret output files therefore allow you to make decisions based on real circumstances rather than on a system that just says there’s a problem. It’s certainly powerful – but Bro itself can be time-consuming to learn and customise regularly taking 18-24 months to set up.

That’s why we’d like you to meet Corelight, the Enterprise-grade version of Bro and platinum sponsor of the Bro open-source project. Corelight’s founder and Chief Scientist is none other than Vern Paxson, who originally established the company to provide professional services to Bro users to help speed up their adoption.

Corelight Sensor

Their flagship product, the Corelight Sensor, is supported by the top Bro experts in the world. It’s designed from the ground up to offer enterprise scale, optimised file extraction and includes some of the hardest-to-achieve Bro functionality out of the box. It also comes with all the necessary APIs and development to enable a 15-30-minute implementation, saving you all that lengthy customisation time. All you need to do is provide the traffic feed and specify where to send your logs and extracted files so you can start benefitting from better data immediately.

We think you’ll love Corelight, because it saves time and makes threat hunting so much easier. Contact us through to request a demo.




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