With the growth of commercial and personal wireless devices, Wi-Fi performance management has become vital to the operational efficiency of many organisations. Whether in the warehouse, coffee shop, hospital, classroom or enterprise, Wi-Fi is now widely seen as mission critical because of the way it enables customers, students and professionals to collaborate and communicate.

7SIGNAL’s Wi-Fi performance management system helps optimise, manage and assure long-term WLAN stability and improves Wi-Fi experiences worldwide.

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What’s so different about 7SIGNAL?

Unlike other WLAN monitoring systems that measure performance from the central controller out to the clients, 7SIGNAL designed their system from the outside-in, with the end-user experience at the centre.

7SIGNAL “lives on the edge” where wireless experiences matter most, out in the environment, continually analysing what’s happening in the air between devices and access points. Proactive notifications tell you where Wi-Fi experiences are bad and why.

User experience testing simulates real-world Wi-Fi network usage in the form of 24×7 HTTP, FTP, SIP and URL testing. From this continuous testing, 7SIGNAL experiences the true Wi-Fi performance of the network throughout the course of the day and night, and measures throughput and latency as well as jitter that causes poor VoIP system call quality.

The 7SIGNAL Platform

The 7SIGNAL Platform is made up of 7SIGNAL Mobile Eye, 7SIGNAL Sapphire Eye and 7SIGNAL EyeQ.

Benefits include:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance from any browser
  • Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain, especially in remote locations
  • Boost productivity by improving the Wi-Fi user experience for all
  • Track WLAN performance as the devices mix and usage evolves
  • Verify the true impact of WLAN configuration changes
  • Reduced TCO of operating business-critical WLANs
  • Rapid SaaS deployment model
  • Vendor agnostic system that works with all industry-standard wireless access points, regardless of whether they’re controller or cloud managed
  • Enables IT to meet global Wi-Fi performance SLAs
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7SIGNAL Platform

7SIGNAL Mobile Eye

7SIGNAL Mobile Eye enables you to crowdsource real-time Wi-Fi performance data from every corner of your network, directly from your users’ Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

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7SIGNAL Sapphire Eye

7SIGNAL Sapphire Eyes are state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensors and high-performance clients developed and patented by 7SIGNAL. They’re uniquely designed to measure network connectivity and the quality of the end-user experience on Wi-Fi networks.

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7SIGNAL EyeQ allows you to view Wi-Fi experience data from every corner of your global network. This enables you to proactively manage Wi-Fi performance trouble-spots before users and business critical applications are affected, instead of reacting to issues when it’s too late.

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