Willcox Savage

Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation solution enabled leading law firm to overcome issues of slow application performance and reap the benefits of increased productivity.




  • Overcome issues of slow application performance
  • Enable inter­office communication
  • Overcome user dissatisfaction
  • Increase productivity


  • Deployment of Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation technology


  • Increased network performance
  • Allows attorneys to work quickly and efficiently
  • Put an end to user frustration
  • Inter-office collaboration enabled
  • IT team can now focus on other tasks


Attorneys were becoming frustrated if they had to wait 20 minutes to access information. We needed to allow offices to work more effectively and increase productivity. Client service is of utmost importance to us and you just can’t have an attorney waiting ages to access important case files!

Scott Causey, Former Litigation Technology Manager