Schneider Electric

Riverbed SteelHead for IaaS and SaaS support IT migration to cloud computing.


INDUSTRY: Energy Management


  • Ambitious IT infrastructure transformation to the cloud aimed at increasing business agility and reducing costs


  • SteelHead for IaaS and SaaS improve the migration to and performance from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) cloud delivery models


  • Greater business agility – business changes can be addressed in minutes vs. months previously
  • Facilitates the move of servers from physical Data Centres to Amazon Web Services virtual private cloud environment
  • “Pay as you grow” cloud pricing limits expenditures to services used


We had projects that we needed to get underway, but with our legacy Data Centres, we weren’t able to do that. With Riverbed, moving to the cloud will give our company more agility.

Lionel Marie, Network Architect