RPS optimises network environment using Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation technology.


INDUSTRY: Business Services


  • Reduce the need to keep upgrading expensive WAN connections
  • Enable global inter-office collaboration
  • Be able to cope with a 2 to 3.5 capacity increase across WAN connections without increasing bandwidth


  • Deploy WAN Optimisation technology from Riverbed


  • Opening a 3Mb file on a 256k link previously took 6 minutes now takes just 7 seconds
  • Enabled inter-office collaboration
  • In addressing latency, SteelHead is solving problems that simply upgrading the bandwidth wouldn’t
  • Fast solution to deploy with instant results


We had a previous excellent experience of Teneo when we implemented Castle Rock Computing SNMPc two years ago. The continuing support and training received made Teneo an excellent choice when we came to look at other technologies.

Dave Magee, Infrastructure Manager