Lincolnshire NHS Shared Services

Lincolnshire NHS Shared Services accessed advanced network utilisation information by deploying Plixer Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare


  • Identify which users and applications on the network are causing the most traffic
  • Ensure everything was running efficiently by analysing NetFlow information


  • Deploy Plixer Scrutinizer


  • Immediate, detailed, yet easy to use NetFlow analysis at the click of a button
  • Able to identify quickly which users and applications on the network were causing the most traffic
  • Pinpoint easily the effect of changes made to the network
  • Minimise the use of broadband by having the information to make best use of the network
  • Provided the knowledge to make more informed infrastructure decisions and investments


Traffic flow was very fluid and dynamic with lots of peaks and troughs. More and more PCs were being rolled out but without the tools to look at network traffic flows it was difficult to know what was going on with regard to our network traffic and where to position everything.

Tony Arnold, Former Network Manager, LSS