Henry Schein

Teneo helped Henry Schein to increase application performance by 600% and centralise data by deploying Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation solution.


INDUSTRY: Healthcare


  • Improve performance of large CAD files
  • Enable a consolidated IT infrastructure
  • Overcome user dissatisfaction
  • Avoid costly bandwidth upgrades


  • Deployment of Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation solution


  • 6 times faster applicaton performance
  • Provided performance needed to enable a consolidated IT infrastructure
  • Increased productivity and put an end to user frustration
  • Dramatic performance improvements for CAD files


We were experiencing various complaints about network performance. This was exacerbated when we started centralising data to our Gillingham office, causing large files, in particular CAD files, to take as long as 10 minutes to transfer. Users were left frustrated and productivity was hindered.

Chris Rose, Director, European Technical Infrastructure