Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service

Teneo helped Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service reduce bandwidth costs and increase application performance.


INDUSTRY: Emergency Services


  • Maximise IT efficiency
  • Improve application performance
  • Optimise SharePoint services
  • Minimise expenditure


  • Deployment of Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation solution to whole of DFRS


  • Achieved a total data reduction of 65%
  • Reduced the need for expensive bandwidth upgrades
  • An end to user frustration
  • A more content user base which received a faster experience


“As a public sector organisation with limited funds, we have a continuing obligation to maximise technology utilisation while minimising expenditure. Riverbed’s WAN Optimisation technology more than proved its ability to do this.”

Pete Garyga, ICT Projects Officer