Azzurri uses Castle Rock Computing SNMPc to provide managed network monitoring services to over 230 customers with an excess of 15,000 nodes.


INDUSTRY: Service Provider


  • Needed to enable visualisation and monitoring of over 15,000 nodes simultaneously
  • Existing solution would not allow Azzurri to take on new customers and continue to grow
  • Needed to be able to adapt to customer needs
  • Needed to identify problems quickly & easily allowing fast resolution


  • Network Monitoring


  • Enabled reliable 24/7 network monitoring services to over 230 customers
  • Problems were resolved instantly
  • Scalable solution, capable of monitoring networks from several hundred devices to tens of thousands
  • Secure and reliable


SNMPc scaled up to over 10,000 devices here in the Southern NOC without too much of a problem.  We used it to monitor a wide range of equipment from multiple vendors for over 200 customers all on the same server which was fantastic!

Neil Camden, Former Team Leader of Tier 3 Support, Southern NOC