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To create competitive advantage, most IT teams acknowledge they need to provide a scalable and stable digital experience. Yet when it comes to monitoring how applications perform for employees, many find that their tools are only providing an approximate version of the truth.

This is because most monitoring tools extrapolate, emulate, or estimate what users see, thereby slowing diagnosis and resolution of user-impacting issues. This in turn degrades user satisfaction and lowers workforce productivity.

More specialised End User Experience monitoring tools can help teams to see exactly what their end users see on their screen, no matter what type of application or device they’re using. However, with tool proliferation already posing a problem to IT teams, many are reluctant to add another tool to their already bloated portfolio to solve their digital experience problem.

Digital Experience Monitoring, delivered as a service, allows you to gain the precise insights you need to monitor and manage user experience, without the overhead of managing the tool itself, or manipulating the dashboards to keep up with application changes. Instead, you get the data you need and can focus your time on where digital experience matters most: your employees and their devices.

Our services track usage and experience over time so you can continually improve performance while streamlining your investments. For example, one organisation dramatically reduced device refresh costs, while another slashed enterprise software license costs that eventually funded their Digital Experience Monitoring programme thanks to the insights they gained.


Our Services


Managed Services

Our Digital Experience Monitoring Services are designed to give you instant visibility of experience from the end user’s perspective. In addition to Strategy & Design and an Implementation Package, provided at a fixed cost to all new customers, we offer the following service levels:

Enhanced Support

Our Enhanced Support service includes software updates as they become available, monthly health checks on signatures, client agent health checks, solution advice and monthly reviews.

Managed Service Essentials

Managed Service Essentials provides basic management of the Digital Experience Monitoring solution. The service includes licence management, 24×7 system monitoring to ensure it performs signature checks, agent software health checks following updates, and alerts. Also included are data collection monitoring, change management, solution access monitoring and SLA dashboards.

Managed Service Premier

Managed Service Premier delivers full Digital Experience Monitoring solution performance management, monitoring, advice, and reporting. In addition to the features above, the following are included: custom dashboards and alert notifications, individual application health, transaction health, special request health and custom reports, and expert analysis.

Managed Service Plus

Managed Service Plus provides either Managed Service Essentials or Managed Service Premier with additional consulting hours from subject matter experts. These hours can be used for example for custom signatures, troubleshooting and analysis, custom dashboards and application models, and knowledge transfer and training.


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