To succeed in the digital economy, IT teams must pivot quickly to address changing market needs. Common strategies include improving end user & customer experience, increasing the speed of software delivery, and accelerating application performance. However, most IT teams are spending an ineffective use of time & resource to get the visibility they need to make these strategies successful.

When a new problem arises, IT teams typically assume they have two options: 1) throw more visibility tools at it, or 2) throw more people at it. Not only does this bog them down, but it also has a detrimental effect on digital success because it makes monitoring and troubleshooting slow and unnecessarily complicated.

A more flexible and simplified approach to visibility allows IT teams to consume only the resources and tools they need to monitor and manage their endpoints, infrastructure, and applications effectively. Doing so, they can concentrate on delivering the best application experiences that result in measurable IT value to the business.


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