Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response

Successful endpoint attacks are increasing year on year, the majority of them being unknown or zero day. In-house IT teams suffering this onslaught are increasingly unable to defend against them for two main reasons: 1) traditional antivirus solutions don’t provide adequate protection, and 2) organisations lack sufficient resources to minimise IT endpoint risk.

They lack the staff required to monitor, hunt, and investigate the sheer volume of data, or that have the expertise and advanced detection and forensic capabilities, and often the issues are just too complex and costly to manage. This results in blind spots across mobile, physical, and virtual endpoints, alert fatigue, where existing staff are chasing too many false positives, and ultimately, prolonged incident dwell times.

Forward-thinking organisations have found a way to achieve more efficient, effective and affordable endpoint protection. Endpoint services that are built on zero trust are protecting their assets 24x7x365 no matter where users or data reside. The results are reduced telemetry, and reduced time to endpoint attack detection and response.

Our Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response service is a single agent that combines our elite threat hunting with next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to eliminate blind spots that traditional prevention would miss.


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Our team of experts uses predictive threat modelling and proprietary machine learning to continuously tune the latest detection measures to prevent known attacks and identify potential unknown and zero-day threats.

For the most elusive of threats, an elite team of threat hunters rapidly investigates and neutralises compromised endpoints on your behalf, preventing lateral spread. Supporting the full incident response lifecycle, our team works alongside your security team to determine root cause and corrective actions, ensuring your environment is hardened against future business disruption.

Our Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response service includes:

  • 24×7 continuous monitoring, recording, and centralising of activity
  • Continuous management, tuning and refinement of detection platform
  • Singular agent
  • Prevention of known attacks
  • Detection of unknown attacks using machine learning and advanced analytics
  • Active threat hunting
  • Alerting of confirmed threats and suspicious behaviour
  • Full forensic analysis to confirm threat and eliminate false positives
  • Tactical threat containment on your behalf via host isolation to stop lateral spread
  • Root cause determination
  • Remediation and hardening recommendations
  • Full incident lifecycle support

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