Every organisation can – and likely will – be breached at some point. And while many organisations are making a significant investment in preventative technologies like firewalls and antivirus, threat actors still continue to break through.

Many IT teams are left wondering, if security technologies are supposed to work, then why do breaches still happen? On reflection, they typically conclude that they have an imbalance in resource investment across their prevention, detection, response, and recovery capabilities. This results in elevated response times, longer threat actor dwell times and an increased risk of business disruption.

Today, modernised business demands modernised security. As threat actors continue to evolve their tactics, techniques, and procedures, so must organisations deliver more than just prevention and detection capabilities alone.

Our Managed Detection and Response services provide:

  • 24x7x365 continuous hunting and monitoring
  • Detection of unknown attacks leveraging patterns and behavioural analytics
  • Human-led investigation utilising always on full packet capture, logs and event data
  • Full forensics analysis to confirm threats and eliminate false positives
  • Isolation and communication disruption of the threat on your behalf, with no retainer fee
  • Full remediation support until the threat is eliminated, not just alerting and guidance

Our Security Operations Centre team carries out 6+ investigations every minute, confirms 646 security incidents a day, takes 35 seconds on average to begin triage and 20 minutes on average to isolate and contain a threat.


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