Storage Content Migration Service

New technologies, aging equipment, new applications, explosive growth of file and content, corporate growth and acquisitions, mergers and new technology are but a few challenges driving the need for long-term archiving systems. Migrating and archiving content from existing unstructured data sources to long-term archiving systems is essential to control costs and manage growth of the IT infrastructure.

Our Storage Content Migration Service, delivered in partnership with HDS, moves content from multiple data sources, including proprietary archival systems, onto the leading open archiving platform, Hitachi Content Platform.

Service Benefits:

  • High speed.
    • While other migration processes take as long as 2 weeks to move a single terabyte, the Storage Content Migration Service can move 3TB to 6TB per day using software that has inherent parallelism built into EMC Centera’s architecture.
  • High availability and data continuity.
    • To maintain the highest levels of availability, HDS keeps the existing archival appliance, such as EMC Centera, in use for archiving and other purposes during the migration. All data is preserved on the source platform during and after the migration, reducing risk. HDS also reduces risk with the technology used; the software reads but doesn’t alter or delete any Centera objects; original data never changes and source systems stay as found.
    • The service ensures data integrity and verifies that there’s no data corruption on source systems.
  • Auditability and compliance.
    • The chain of custody remains whole throughout the audit and migration processes. All migration activity is logged and presented in an XML-based audit trail format, with identification of tools used. The migration metadata is preserved in a securely encrypted form for 5 years. This audit trail can be used to satisfy chain of custody requirements, but it doesn’t capture any of the actual data that was migrated.
  • User-friendliness and transparency.
    • You can monitor the progress of audits and migrations, and see vital statistics. The appliance provides an ongoing, portal-based view into the migration, allowing you to track its progress.

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