Consolidation & Optimisation Assessment

Businesses are pursuing enterprise-wide consolidation for many reasons, including cost efficiency, manageability, security, and flexibility. However, measuring and articulating business value across your Data Centre and geographically distributed offices requires a deep understanding of application, storage, and server optimisation strategies, as well as a focused approach to discovering where and how your business will benefit.

For organisations evaluating Branch Converged Infrastructure, our Consolidation & Optimisation Assessment, delivered in partnership with Riverbed, assesses your business service objectives, provides a high-level baseline of your network and application landscape and identifies opportunities for server, storage, and compute consolidation and optimisation.

The output of the service is the comprehensive business case you need to justify your branch convergence projects and investments in Riverbed SteelFusion technology.

The assessment will show you how to quantify the results of your consolidation projects in terms of:

  • Reduced administrative cost and complexity
  • Increased agility, flexibility, and resiliency
  • Decreased capital costs
  • More efficient and reliable data backup/recovery
  • Improved data protection and security

Service Benefits:

  • Build a business case for application service, server, and storage infrastructure consolidation
  • Ensure business alignment and executive sponsorship for future-state investments
  • Gain valuable insight into your specific environment for fact-based IT decisions
  • Identify risks and competency gaps before production deployment or migration to consolidated systems

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