Storage Security Vulnerability Assessment

Today’s cyber-attacks have become extremely sophisticated, and new vulnerabilities daily increase risk and hinder the ability of businesses and their customers to carry out security checks on their own. Risk prevention is more than just employing a tool: It involves people, process and technology to mitigate the threat.

Our Storage Security Vulnerability Assessment service, delivered in partnership with HDS, can help protect your business against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. The vulnerability assessment uses accurate, low false-positive rate tools, and high-frequency test pattern updates to stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities.

Our service helps you to:

  • Control, inspect and successfully manage risks for your IP addresses, which are exposed publicly to the Internet.
  • Provide 3rd-party audit verification for customer and compliance requirements.
  • Significantly lower in-house specialists’ costs and achieve business goals quicker.
  • Evaluate threats by priority level and address vulnerabilities with optional advanced services for your specific needs

Primary areas assessed occur on:

  • Port scan inspection (about 1900 TCP ports and 180 UDP ports)
  • Banner inspection
  • Vulnerability inspection for server software [HTTP(S), FTP, SSH, SMTP, POP, SNMP, DNS, DHCP)]
  • Vulnerability inspection for remote procedure call (RPC)
  • Vulnerability inspection for remote access
  • Vulnerability inspection for operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Apple Mac OS, HP-UX, and IBM AIX, among others)
  • Inspection for malicious programs.
  • Detection of disguised and dangerous sample pages
  • Default account inspection
  • Improper mail relay inspection

Results are reported in an easy to understand format with itemised security measure guidance for each vulnerability detected, allowing you to work towards implementing prioritised improvement measures.

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