Storage Content Audit

Common questions asked by businesses today include:

  • Can our employees access all the information they need quickly and effectively across multiple systems, email, Lotus Notes, intranet and shared folders?
  • Are we wasting IT budget storing and backing up old emails and multiple document versions?
  • How can we optimise our infrastructure for unstructured data?

Our Storage Content Audit service, delivered in partnership with HDS, helps you discover and classify content across your business to improve performance of the primary file and content environment, improve backup performance and lower operating costs.

The Storage Content Audit is designed to provide you with recommendations on how you can implement a cloud strategy and transition to a more efficient content infrastructure.

Our audit report will provide metrics including a view of unstructured data characterisation, file types and file aging characteristics that reflect your enterprise-wide unstructured content. We’ll also recommend how to archive content, reduce cost and optimise your infrastructure.

Service Benefits:

  • Improved Visibility and Management of Infrastructure
    • Improves content growth management
    • Delivers audit report of enterprise-wide unstructured content
    • Provides recommendations on how to transition to a more efficient content infrastructure
  • Improved Management of Unstructured Content
    • Identification of content for deletion, retiering and archiving
    • Identification of potential storage cost savings
    • Provision of return on investment for tiered storage implementations
    • Assessment of adherence to information management policies
  • Improved Quality of Unstructured Content
    • Reduces volume of content
    • Removes corrupt content
    • Identifies duplicates for removal

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