Storage Assessment Service

Inevitable changes in your storage environment can impact storage efficiency. Our Storage Assessment Service, delivered in partnership with HDS, provides you with recommendations that help you manage your storage environment more efficiently and improve storage performance and utilisation.

We’ll give you the advice you need to:

  • Place compatible workloads within a storage system
  • Improve storage response times for interactive workloads
  • Improve storage throughput for batch workloads
  • Understand storage usage cycles and application I/O profiles

A standard storage assessment:

  • Evaluates the proximity of observed activity to recommend activity capacity limits
  • Reviews alignment of deployed storage with your service objectives, HDS-recommended storage deployment practices observed in the Hitachi storage system’s configuration, and the observed I/O traffic
  • Presents a bullet-point analysis, a set of charts, and configuration tables with a summary of analysis findings
  • Presents a written narrative report of the bullet-point analysis
  • Includes recommendations on how to improve the ability of the Hitachi storage system to service its assigned workload and on your alignment with HDS-recommended storage deployment practices

Storage Assessment Benefits:

  • Increase ROI from your Hitachi storage hardware investment
  • Achieve real-world performance improvements
  • Identify storage usage cycles and application profiles
  • Maximise the utilisation of your systems
  • Take control of your storage systems and act before trouble starts
  • Meet your service-level objectives, without adding new storage capacity

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