It’s an exciting time for enterprise storage. As big data booms, it’s a trick to keep up with the changing business landscape – the structure of business in particular. Where’s your data stored? And where are the users that need access to it?

We’re here to help you to re-think that structure and ensure the way you’ve architected your storage gives you the biggest advantages in terms of cost, complexity and risk.

We’ll always start with an analysis of your storage architecture today and put that in the context of how your business is changing. With this information, we can provide you with our best recommendation of services and Next-Generation Storage Technologies.

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Storage: Analyse

Storage Assessment Service

Inevitable changes in your storage environment can impact storage efficiency. Our Storage Assessment Service, delivered in partnership with HDS, provides you with recommendations that help you manage your storage environment more efficiently and improve storage performance and utilisation. We’ll give you the advice you need to: Place compatible workloads within a storage system Improve storage … Continued

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Storage Content Audit

Common questions asked by businesses today include: Can our employees access all the information they need quickly and effectively across multiple systems, email, Lotus Notes, intranet and shared folders? Are we wasting IT budget storing and backing up old emails and multiple document versions? How can we optimise our infrastructure for unstructured data? Our Storage … Continued

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Storage Security Vulnerability Assessment

Today’s cyber-attacks have become extremely sophisticated, and new vulnerabilities daily increase risk and hinder the ability of businesses and their customers to carry out security checks on their own. Risk prevention is more than just employing a tool: It involves people, process and technology to mitigate the threat. Our Storage Security Vulnerability Assessment service, delivered … Continued

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