We’re here to help your business achieve the highest degree of protection and remain safe from security threats as the technology landscape changes and business needs evolve.

We begin our service engagements with an analysis of your current security posture and where you might be exposed to risk.

Armed with this information, we’re then in a good position to make our recommendation to you on how to best bolster your security armour using a blend of our services and Next-Generation Security Technologies.

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Security: Analyse

Security Risk Assessment

In the past, it was easy for firewalls to control applications because traffic could easily be classified based on ports and protocols using stateful inspection technology. But today’s modern Internet applications are no longer tied to specific ports or protocols, and often use encrypted SSL tunnels or other tactics to avoid detection. These applications bypass … Continued

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Cloud App Risk Assessment

Most people underestimate the number of cloud apps running in their enterprise by 90%. Our Cloud App Risk Assessment, in partnership with Netskope, gives you a true picture of your cloud app risk. From this assessment you’ll learn: The number of apps in use, whether they’re shadow IT or not The most used apps and … Continued

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DNS Architecture Audit

In partnership with Infoblox, we offer a comprehensive assessment of your current Domain Name System (DNS) architecture and infrastructure. The service helps you resolve any inefficiencies and security holes in your current domain name resolution system and ensures that your core network services infrastructure is capable of supporting current and future network services with high … Continued

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Next-Generation Firewall Audit

Successful businesses don’t stand still once a Next-Generation Technology is implemented. Both business requirements and security challenges evolve over time and your solution needs to adapt to address new needs. This is especially true for network security initiatives, which operate in a constantly changing landscape of technology and threats. And it’s true of security teams, … Continued

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