We’re here to make sure your network performs.

It’s complex work. So we start off with an analysis of what you’ve got and what’s going on on your network right now before we can make our recommendation for what should come next. We do this in the context of what you’ve got planned for the future, so we support your business growth strategies right from Day 1.

We take a keen interest in your business and we want our Next-Generation Technologies to have a direct impact on your results.

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Pilot Project

We promote the opportunity for you to pilot Next-Generation Technology concepts and their potential applications in your own environment and validate their performance against requirements before fully rolling them out. Our Pilot Projects are developed to support you in delivering the aims and objectives of your technology investment, from initial design through implementation to analysis … Continued

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Global delivery is one of our secret successes. After years of collaborating with customers on global projects, we’ve honed our international delivery knowledge and skills to enable us to successfully export goods to far flung countries by avoiding complicated processes wherever possible, helping you to accelerate your time to seeing Next-Generation Technology value by getting … Continued

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Our collaborative approach to Next-Generation Technology implementation empowers your own IT staff to carry out installations where you prefer to keep this service in-house. Our Staging service covers pre-installation preparation to make sure that, once your shipment arrives, your own engineers can easily follow a step-by-step installation guide to quickly get things up and running. … Continued

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Assisted Installation & Configuration

Did you know that improper installation and configuration is one of the top causes of downtime? We offer a specialist installation service to make sure you get value from your Next-Generation Technology in the minimum amount of time, ensuring availability is optimised and higher levels of serviceability are achieved. Our trained engineers ensure that your … Continued

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Onsite Installation & Configuration

Onsite Installation & Configuration helps you to accelerate the time to production, reduces risk through design assistance, and achieves full-featured implementation. We provide onsite, personalised assistance to create the optimal implementation for your business. Armed with extensive knowledge of our Next-Generation Technologies and implementation best practices, our engineers make sure that each step of the … Continued

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