SD-WAN Workshop

Our SD-WAN Workshop provides you with a well-structured approach to building your SD-WAN business case and gives you access to our SD-WAN lab environment.

The workshop is a consultancy engagement designed around our proven CAPS Methodology to make the topic of SD-WAN enlightening, interactive and relevant.

Access to multiple SD-WAN solutions and complementary technologies in our lab environment allows you to test solution behaviour from a single location, accompanied by a Teneo engineer.

The final deliverable is a Teneo recommendation document that acts as a solid foundation to your business case, helps you predict ROI, and helps you decide which combination of SD-WAN technology and delivery model is right for your organisation.

Our SD-WAN Workshops typically include collaborative representatives from Network, Applications, Infrastructure, VoIP/Telecoms, Cloud and Security teams. Group sizes range from 5-15 people.

Leveraging our years of technical SD-WAN knowledge, practical, real-life SD-WAN experience and established SD-WAN lab, we’ll help you realise the advantages of SD-WAN across a broad IT environment in the fastest and most agile way possible.




  • Make SD-WAN relevant to your organisation.
  • Save research time by learning directly from Teneo’s experience.
  • Drive collaboration across the areas of your IT team that SD-WAN touches upon.
  • Access multiple SD-WAN solutions and complementary technologies in Teneo’s SD-WAN lab environment.
  • Receive a recommendation document that forms part of your SD-WAN business case and helps predict ROI.
  • De-risk your SD-WAN project by choosing the right technology and delivery model based on SD-WAN Workshop outcomes.
  • Accelerate SD-WAN deployment and competitive advantage for your organisation.


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