WAN Optimisation Professional Audit

Our WAN Optimisation Professional Audit covers up to 20 Riverbed SteelHead appliances. For more than 20 appliances we’d recommend our WAN Optimisation Health & Sizing Assessment. Our engineer will attend your site to perform the Audit.

Professional Audit reports are more detailed than our Basic Audit reports. We’ll provide you with actionable recommendations that will increase performance and ROI. We’ll also provide best practice configurations to help you meet present and future business requirements.

Our WAN Optimisation Professional Audit can be carried out once, to benchmark SteelHead performance, or on a regular basis for extra peace of mind and to allow for performance trending, predictive analysis and continual reporting.

Prior to each Professional Audit, we’ll agree with you what your benchmark expectation levels are for SteelHead performance, so we can clearly report back to you what’s good, bad or right on target.

Our WAN Optimisation Professional Audit will help you to answer questions like:

  • Am I making the most of my Riverbed SteelHead investment?
  • Are my SteelHeads running efficiently?
  • Will I be able to scale and respond to future demands using my existing appliances?
  • How should I best go about adding new features, new applications, or more traffic?
  • What business benefits will I see if I upgrade, and how will an upgrade impact my network operations?
  • Is my business getting the value it was promised?

WAN Optimisation Professional Audit Benefits:

  • Maximise the level of WAN Optimisation within your environment
  • Optimise performance and improve the stability of your WAN Optimisation solution
  • Further reduce bandwidth usage, errors, and network overhead
  • Define the most efficient methods to support future network, personnel, and application plans
  • Tap into the knowledge of our experienced Riverbed engineers and our proven SteelHead best practices to save time and money

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