WAN Optimisation Basic Audit

Our WAN Optimisation Basic Audit provides a basic report of WAN Optimisation levels, overall performance, and specific issues for your Riverbed SteelHead appliances.

The Basic Audit will provide you with actionable recommendations to improve appliance health based on a snapshot of data.

To carry out the WAN Optimisation Basic Audit, we’ll attend your site for one day and gather data from each of the SteelHead appliances via the SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead or gain access your individual appliances remotely.

Your WAN Optimisation Basic Audit report will contain the following details:

  • General network health analysis & reporting
  • Global Optimisation Performance statistics
  • Total number of SteelHeads optimising above 70% of total traffic
  • Total number of SteelHeads below recommend RiOS Level
  • Total number of SteelHeads triggering Warning Alarm conditions
  • Total number of SteelHeads triggering Critical Alarm conditions
  • Total number of SteelHeads optimising below 50% of total traffic

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