We’re here to make sure your network performs.

It’s complex work. So we start off with an analysis of what you’ve got and what’s going on on your network right now before we can make our recommendation for what should come next. We do this in the context of what you’ve got planned for the future, so we support your business growth strategies right from Day 1.

We take a keen interest in your business and we want our Next-Generation Technologies to have a direct impact on your results.

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WAN Optimisation Readiness Assessment

If you’re considering WAN Optimisation for the first time, we’ll help you to review your current network and application environments and customise a solution architecture for your environment. Our service documents the current network infrastructure and measures LAN/WAN traffic, helping you to gain insight into the potential that a WAN Optimisation deployment could bring and … Continued

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WAN Optimisation Health & Sizing Assessment

Did you know that even the smallest change to your network or applications can impact the performance you get from your Riverbed SteelHead appliances? If you’ve been adding or upgrading applications, operating systems, encryption methods or keys, firewalls/IDS, or even changed your network infrastructure, moved to cloud services or opened new offices and added users, … Continued

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WAN Optimisation Professional Audit

Our WAN Optimisation Professional Audit covers up to 20 Riverbed SteelHead appliances. For more than 20 appliances we’d recommend our WAN Optimisation Health & Sizing Assessment. Our engineer will attend your site to perform the Audit. Professional Audit reports are more detailed than our Basic Audit reports. We’ll provide you with actionable recommendations that will … Continued

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WAN Optimisation Basic Audit

Our WAN Optimisation Basic Audit provides a basic report of WAN Optimisation levels, overall performance, and specific issues for your Riverbed SteelHead appliances. The Basic Audit will provide you with actionable recommendations to improve appliance health based on a snapshot of data. To carry out the WAN Optimisation Basic Audit, we’ll attend your site for one … Continued

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Application Delivery Controller Audit

Get the check-up you need to identify areas of risk, recognise inefficiencies, and benchmark against industry best practices for your Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC). Our Audit will assess and document your current vADC deployment and provide a detailed evaluation of overall performance and specific issues. We’ll provide you with a report containing actionable … Continued

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Network Quality Assessment

Prior to any implementation of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) or WAN Optimisation technology, we recommend an auto discovery assessment of your network to make sure your existing architecture and configurations won’t cause you any hitches along the way. Using technology from Talari Networks, we perform an assessment on the quality of your current network infrastructure, reporting … Continued

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