Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Migration Assessment

Migrating large volumes of data and hundreds or thousands of individual mailboxes to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud isn’t a simple or quick task. Many enterprises underestimate the complexity and the amount of time and resources that’s required, resulting in prolonged delays, unplanned business disruptions, data loss, and disappointed end users.

For enterprises with aggressive migration schedules, our Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Migration Assessment, delivered in partnership with Riverbed, removes mailbox migration bottlenecks by reducing the time it takes to transition mailboxes to the cloud.

Service Benefits:

  • Optimise and improve network data usage and migration throughput to reduce timelines associated with Office 365 mailbox migrations
  • Enable around-the-clock migration to minimise business disruption and significantly accelerate migration time
  • Use Riverbed technologies, expertly installed on your network or in the cloud, to speed migration
  • Leverage customised QoS settings to ensure that data migration doesn’t negatively impact your users’ normal network activity

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