Applications are what IT is all about. And as we look to future application consumption models, we’re constantly seeking more efficient and cost effective ways to architect the supporting network, infrastructure, storage and security.

We help by analysing your current set up, either as a method for identifying what’s not working as expected, or as a pre-cursor to you bringing a new application onto the network.

Based on our findings, we’re then able to provide you with our recommended blend of services and Next-Generation Technologies to guarantee application uptime and performance.

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Applications: Architect

Project Management

For projects that need extra co-ordination on our side, and to provide you with an accountable point of contact, we assign a Project Manager. Our Project Manager holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring your project gets delivered in a timely and effective manner at each stage of its lifecycle. Internally, we’ll create a virtual project team, … Continued

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Leasing & Rental

Because we see Next-Generation Technology as a competitive differentiator in this fast-changing marketplace, we can provide you with financing options that allow you to stay right at the edge of technological and economic developments and keep ahead of your competition. We offer competitive Leasing and Rental programmes to complement your chosen solution, allowing you to … Continued

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Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox Migration Assessment

Migrating large volumes of data and hundreds or thousands of individual mailboxes to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud isn’t a simple or quick task. Many enterprises underestimate the complexity and the amount of time and resources that’s required, resulting in prolonged delays, unplanned business disruptions, data loss, and disappointed end users. For enterprises with aggressive … Continued

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Microsoft Office 365 End User Performance Optimisation

Migrating applications to the cloud gives organisations better control and flexibility for delivering collaborative solutions such as Microsoft Office 365. But when transitioning from on-premises email to a cloud-hosted solution, the trade-offs are often degraded performance levels and unsatisfactory user experiences. Don’t compromise on performance. Through our Microsoft Office 365 End User Performance Optimisation service, … Continued

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