Applications are what IT is all about. And as we look to future application consumption models, we’re constantly seeking more efficient and cost effective ways to architect the supporting network, infrastructure, storage and security.

We help by analysing your current set up, either as a method for identifying what’s not working as expected, or as a pre-cursor to you bringing a new application onto the network.

Based on our findings, we’re then able to provide you with our recommended blend of services and Next-Generation Technologies to guarantee application uptime and performance.

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Applications: Analyse

Application Delivery Controller Audit

Get the check-up you need to identify areas of risk, recognise inefficiencies, and benchmark against industry best practices for your Brocade Virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC). Our Audit will assess and document your current vADC deployment and provide a detailed evaluation of overall performance and specific issues. We’ll provide you with a report containing actionable … Continued

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Pre-Application Architecture Assessment

Our Pre-Application Architecture Assessment, delivered in partnership with Riverbed, ensures you meet your application deployment goals in the quickest, most risk-proof means possible. The service provides pre-deployment visibility into the performance of applications to prevent production issues related to poor design or insufficient network resources. Using your deployment requirements, the service validates that the application … Continued

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Application Dependency Mapping Assessment

Relocating Data Centre services, whether due to consolidation efforts, expanding to a larger facility, or migrating to the cloud, is fraught with risk. While businesses expect improved flexibility, cost, and control, many don’t anticipate the application performance problems that can arise due to such changes to the infrastructure. Our Application Dependency Mapping Assessment helps you … Continued

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Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment

In partnership with Riverbed, we help you to mitigate risk and avoid business disruption when migrating to public or hybrid clouds through application discovery, dependency mapping, risk assessments based on current usage, and pre-migration predictive analysis.

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Microsoft Office 365 Migration Planning & Readiness Assessment

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 gives your employees virtually unrestricted access to the tools they depend on to drive business. But improper planning can lead to unplanned delays, performance issues, and frustrated users. Our Microsoft Office 365 Migration Planning & Readiness Assessment, delivered in partnership with Riverbed, avoids such complications. The service provides an in-depth … Continued

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Application Performance Assessment

With our Application Performance Assessment, we’ll help you to diagnose the root cause of problems to quickly restore application performance. We can provide you with an urgent response that identifies a performance problem for a single transaction within one production app, or a customised response when your needs span multiple transactions or applications. The service … Continued

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Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting For Microsoft Office 365

Gaining visibility into how Microsoft Office 365 applications are performing is a challenge for any organisation. Cloud-based services place new constraints on your infrastructure, so quickly identifying and remediating issues during and after migrating to Office 365 is critical to ensuring a smooth rollout and ongoing performance management. Our Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting service for … Continued

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