WAN Optimisation

Many networking teams make the mistake of assuming that WAN Optimisation management is a case of ‘set and forget’. So long as the management console reports optimisation levels that appear positive, they believe their solution must be performing well enough to negate the need for daily tuning, so they focus time and effort elsewhere.

However, in any complex, global 24×7 network environment, user, data, and application priorities are changing every day, and the optimisation levels displayed in reports often relate to outdated strategies. For example, one organisation reported optimisation levels of 80%, but because this was based on applications that were no longer viewed as critical, the solution was in fact delivering very little business value. Another organisation was running an old version of software and was missing out on important features that would have delivered a crucial performance boost to their most important application. A global WAN Optimisation strategy will fail unless the solution has constant attention from those qualified to know how to get the best out of it.

A managed service is the only sure way to deliver a successful, global WAN Optimisation strategy. It provides the people, certified skills, and time to manage, tune and update your solution around the clock for optimum results and business impact.

With over 15 years of deep WAN Optimisation expertise and experience, our services have been tried, tested and proven by many of the world’s leading organisations, including the Forbes Global 2000.


Our Services


Assessment Services

WAN Optimisation Audits

Our WAN Optimisation Audits provides a report of WAN Optimisation levels, overall performance, and specific issues across existing WAN Optimisation appliances. We’ll provide you with actionable recommendations to improve appliance health based on a snapshot of data. Our Audits are available in 2 levels: Basic and Professional. For more than 20 appliances we’d recommend a WAN Optimisation Health & Sizing Assessment.

Health & Sizing Assessment Datasheet


Advisory Services

Strategy & Design

Our WAN Optimisation Discovery Workshop allows us to understand your WAN Optimisation objectives so we can establish the most efficient design for your environment.


Managed Services

Our WAN Optimisation Managed Services are designed to help you to get the most value from your WAN Optimisation environment. In addition to Strategy & Design and an Implementation package, provided at a fixed cost to all new customers, we offer the following service levels:

Essential Support

Essential Support provides access to the Teneo Service Desk for Level 1 and Level 2 support. Because vendor support is not included, customers typically see up to a 30% cost reduction, sometimes more, as well as reduced management overheads.

Teneo Service Wrap Datasheet


Enhanced Support

Our Enhanced Support service provides additional benefits to those offered by a WAN Optimisation vendor, including system updates, health checks, our Proactive and Predictive Monitoring (PPM) service, solution advice and monthly reviews.

PPM Datasheet


Premier Support

Premier Support provides either our Essential Support or Enhanced Support package with additional monthly Professional Services hours.

Managed Service Essentials

Managed Service Essentials provides basic management of the WAN Optimisation solution along with knowledge transfer. The service includes licence management, system health and alerts, and limited configuration management and changes, to ensure it runs as designed.

Managed Service Premier

Managed Service Premier delivers WAN Optimisation solution performance management, monitoring and advice, configuration management and changes, and full reporting.

Managed Service Plus

Managed Service Plus provides either Managed Service Essentials or Managed Service Premier with additional consulting hours from subject matter experts.



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