SaaS Acceleration

Migrating applications to the cloud gives IT teams better control and flexibility to deliver collaborative SaaS solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Box.

But what most don’t realise is that, in transitioning from an on-premises application to a cloud-hosted solution, the trade-offs are often degraded performance levels and an unsatisfactory user experience. Bandwidth and latency are the two most important measures of network performance, but for SaaS applications, certain times of day, Wi-Fi connections, end user locations, devices, files sizes and unpredictable Internet traffic spikes all influence performance too.

SaaS applications therefore need their own optimisation strategy, similar to any other critical applications, but one that’s designed with these extra performance factors in mind. Our SaaS Acceleration service can be applied to the applications you most need to optimise. Managed by experts, the service is designed around your environment to enhance user experience and reduce SaaS operating costs by minimising bandwidth usage, errors, and network overhead.


Our Services


Managed Services

Our SaaS Acceleration Services are agile, flexible, fast and efficient. In addition to Strategy & Design and an Implementation Package, provided at a fixed cost to all new customers, we offer the following service levels:

Enhanced Support

Our Enhanced Support service includes software updates, health checks, solution advice and monthly reviews.

Managed Service Premier

Managed Service Premier delivers full SaaS Acceleration solution performance management, monitoring and advice, including licence management, 24×7 monitoring of the SaaS Acceleration platform, software health checks following updates, alerts, configuration of the package to support O365 SaaS Acceleration, and reporting.

Managed Service Plus

Managed Service Plus includes Managed Service Premier with additional options for Box SaaS Acceleration, and for extended data allowances.

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