Client Acceleration

To work productively, modern, mobile workforces need to be able to consume business applications from home offices, coffee shops, airports, customer sites, and local branch offices. Such an on-the-go way of working means that network connections are ever-changing and unpredictable. Unfortunately, this often greatly limits application performance for mobile employees.

To solve this issue, optimisation and acceleration techniques can be extended to mobile clients, providing accelerated access to on-prem, IaaS, or SaaS-based applications. However, many IT teams are surprised to learn that, as with WAN Optimisation, client acceleration must be managed daily to derive consistent benefits. Instead, they typically under-resource the upkeep of such solutions and are disappointed when they end up with subpar results.

Client Acceleration delivered as a managed service means you’ll always know that the best experts have a constant eye on your solution and are continually tuning it on your behalf. Our service allows you to streamline IT management overheads, improve solution outcomes, such as higher remote worker productivity and satisfaction, and reduce support costs.


Our Services


Managed Services

Our Client Acceleration Services allow you to pay as you grow, only using the licences you need. In addition to Strategy & Design and an Implementation Package, provided at a fixed cost to all new customers, we offer the following service levels:

Enhanced Support

Our Enhanced Support service includes software updates, health checks, solution advice and monthly reviews.

Managed Service Premier

Managed Service Premier delivers full Client Acceleration solution performance management, monitoring and advice. This includes licence management, 24×7 monitoring of the Client Acceleration platform, agent software health checks following updates, alerts, configuration of the package to support on-prem and SaaS application acceleration, and reporting. Configuration requires a customer-hosted acceleration appliance and/or SaaS-hosted acceleration appliance to bookend the solution, available as additional options. Reports include client usage, top/lowest users, top applications, and global performance statistics.

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