Managed WAN Optimisation For Riverbed SteelHead

Progressive and disruptive technology can present quite a challenge. It can sometimes feel like you’re swimming against the tide, trying to persuade stakeholders to step out of “the norm”. But you succeeded and that’s why you now use – or are planning to use – Riverbed’s SteelHead WAN Optimisation technology to keep your organisation and its information moving.

But the challenge doesn’t stop there because keeping your Riverbed SteelHead solution operating at an optimal level is a constantly moving target.

Teneo’s Managed WAN Optimisation service could be the answer to your conundrum.

Service Benefits:

  • Ensure all business critical apps are being optimised, all of the time
  • Ensure your WAN Optimisation actually supports the business by focusing on the right apps and pre-empting the impact of any strategic change
  • Identify under-specified devices to aid capacity planning for future growth and expansion
  • Right-size your environment and achieve additional savings on bandwidth
  • Check that your original ROI expectations are still being met
  • Pro-actively identify faults in near real-time and take corrective action before users even notice or complain
  • All routine management work is covered by a predictable monthly cost, saving you money in the long term


Managed WAN Optimisation Datasheet


Managed WAN Optimisation Specsheet


You might also be interested in WAN Optimisation as a Service as an alternative model that lets you pay for Riverbed SteelHead technology and management on a monthly OPEX basis.

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