Change Management Co-ordination

Every IT team needs to be prepared to manage change. Change can mean new feature requirements, new Next-Generation Technologies, or software and hardware updates. From time to time, change is inevitable and might come in the form of basic config updates or full-on operating system migrations.

Change can also introduce concerns around risk, where you need to carefully consider its impact if things should go wrong. Challenges can include resource constraints, cost and complexity and could threaten to hold your projects back. That’s where we can help.

Our Change Management Co-ordination service helps you fully understand the impact of planned changes to your Next-Generation Technology, to minimise risk and ensure successful results. We’ll review the business reasons behind your proposed changes with you and discuss important design principles to fully understand and document your requirements.

We’ll work with you through the following steps:

  • Evaluate your planned changes
  • Develop a test plan for change validation
  • Replicate your environment and apply changes
  • Execute the test plan and communicate the results

We’ll analyse the results after execution of the plan and provide you with an outline of our findings and next step recommendations.

A Statement of Work will be provided for each Change Management initiative.

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