Proactive and Predictive Monitoring

Managing your Riverbed SteelHead estate without valuable performance trending statistics to hand creates a huge blind spot.

We understand that sometimes it’s just not practical to keep checking in to your individual Riverbed SteelHead appliances, even if you have a SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead (SCC). But we’d hate to think you’re missing out on the opportunity for global WAN optimisation improvements.

For this reason, all customers purchasing Riverbed SteelHead RASP maintenance through Teneo automatically qualify for our Proactive and Predictive Monitoring (PPM) service, provided at no additional cost, where vital Riverbed SteelHead statistics are delivered in a monthly report with commentary and consultancy from your Teneo Strategic Account Manager.

What metrics are included?

Your monthly report will include the following metrics:

  • Global Appliance Health %
  • Global Appliance Uptime %
  • Global Optimised Traffic Reduction %
  • Global Reduction Rate %
  • Global Traffic Removed from WAN
  • Sizing – Connection Limit Reached %
  • Sizing – Data Store Limit Reached %
  • Sizing – Bandwidth Limit Reached %

Benefits of Proactive and Predictive Monitoring:

  • Save time checking on the overall status of your Riverbed SteelHead estate by receiving a monthly report from Teneo.
  • Take advantage of our wealth of Riverbed SteelHead knowledge and experience.
  • Maximise your investment in Riverbed SteelHead technology by improving global optimisation performance based on our advice.
  • Arm yourself with basic Riverbed SteelHead metrics to share with your team.

Find out how to get started:

Proactive and Predictive Monitoring Datasheet


You might also be interested in our fully Managed WAN Optimisation service, where monitoring and alerting of your Riverbed SteelHead estate is in real-time and incident resolution is proactive.

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