Digital transformation means the pressure is on for IT teams to deliver seamless new business services and make sound investments that meet budgets and improve operational efficiencies. We feel that SD-WAN is an essential component of digital transformation, and a true next-generation technology that helps achieve both business and IT objectives, which is why we’ve chosen to specialise in this area.

Why Work With Teneo For SD-WAN

1. Our experience speaks for itself.

We were one of the first to market with SD-WAN in 2011, before Gartner gave the category a name. We established an SD-WAN Practice in 2016 and now have well-established relationships, recognised credibility and hands-on technical experience with 5 key vendors and 6 technologies, along with an educated view on competitive SD-WAN offerings, a proven and structured service delivery process, a good understanding of diverse deployment environments, complementary technologies and services, and a base of customers.

2. We remove potential risks to our customers from SD-WAN decision-making.

Our SD-WAN Workshop uses our CAPS (Cost, Agility, Performance, Security) methodology to help with requirements gathering and vendor selection. During this process, we draw on our experience in WAN and cloud optimisation, security, visibility and end user experience to make sure all SD-WAN angles are considered before design, and internal stakeholders are consulted to make sure such transformational change will be worthwhile to your business. In addition, we run a lab environment in which customers can get first-hand experience with SD-WAN solutions and offer Co-Managed and Managed SD-WAN services for continued performance and ROI.

3. We’re highly responsive to customer requests and far more agile than traditional Service Providers.

Our customers tell us that service providers’ internal processes can be slow and laborious, and they typically sell long-term contracts with minimal visibility into what’s being paid for. We provide a brokerage approach to Internet and LTE connectivity through partnerships with leading global connectivity aggregators, to help customers avoid vendor lock-in and give them the flexibility and agility that SD-WAN is designed for.

4. Our global deployment service is a weight off your mind.

We deliver equipment to site, on time, thanks to years of finely-honed global logistics processes, and make sure it’s deployed correctly according to our design. Our office locations in the UK, France, USA and Australia, and a network of international partners to complement our own skillsets and presence, mean we can act in an agile, flexible way to meet customer needs quickly.

In summary.

We provide a more specialised SD-WAN service than a typical partner, and act in a more agile way due to our size, experience, industry credibility, skillsets and global locations. We enable our customers to take back control of their WAN, separate their overlay and underlay networks and gain better visibility and performance, while lowering costs.

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Our SD-WAN Services

SD-WAN Workshop

Our SD-WAN Workshop provides you with a well-structured approach to building your SD-WAN business case and gives you access to our SD-WAN lab environment. The workshop is a consultancy engagement designed around our proven CAPS Methodology to make the topic of SD-WAN enlightening, interactive and relevant. Access to multiple SD-WAN solutions and complementary technologies in our lab environment allows you to test solution behaviour from a single location, accompanied by a Teneo engineer. The final deliverable is a Teneo recommendation document that acts as a solid foundation to your business case, helps you predict ROI, and helps you decide which combination of SD-WAN technology and delivery model is right for your organisation. Workshops typically include collaborative representatives from Network, Applications, Infrastructure, VoIP/Telecoms, Cloud and Security teams and group sizes range from 5-15 people.

SD-WAN Workshop Sample Agenda


Design & Proof of Concept

Pivotal to a successful SD-WAN deployment is the design process. To help you design your target SD-WAN environment, we start with an audit and review of your current network before defining the SD-WAN services and benefits you require. We’ll help you plan technically and practically to ensure a smooth, phased move to SD-WAN. We’ll define all interim designs, plan how they’re going to be implemented, put them through testing in a Proof of Concept and document exactly how everything will be achieved step by step. The documentation can be extremely detailed or high level, depending on what you’d like to see. The more time spent planning at the design stage, the faster an SD-WAN migration tends to happen.

Global Logistics

Global logistics is one of our secret successes. After years of collaborating with customers on global projects, we’ve honed our international delivery knowledge and skills to enable us to successfully export goods to far flung countries by avoiding complicated processes wherever possible. We can therefore help you to accelerate your SD-WAN time to value by getting goods into country in the fastest and least complicated ways possible. Some processes can be lengthy, but we’re experts at following the steps that are required of us and involving you at the right stages. We can tell you whether we’ll need to pre-inspect goods and therefore receive them at our offices first, or whether they can be shipped directly to site.


We offer a specialist deployment service to make sure you get value from your SD-WAN in the minimum amount of time, ensuring availability is optimised and high levels of serviceability are achieved. Our trained engineers ensure that your SD-WAN solution is installed and configured to vendor specifications. Because we’ll have planned everything meticulously by this point, if anything goes wrong, we can always roll back to the previous step. At this stage, we bring together our methodology, experience, knowledge of SD-WAN, and everything we’ve learned in working with you. Operating in 4 countries, the UK, France, USA and Australia, our reach is significantly extended, both technically and geographically by a range of partnerships with progressive technology companies. Our flexible delivery and deployment capabilities span 200+ countries and territories.

Co-Managed & Managed Service

Our SD-WAN Managed Services are designed to help you to get the most value from SD-WAN, faster. As well as the services above, we’ll provide ongoing management of your SD-WAN solution along with our best practice advice and recommendations. Our SD-WAN vendor-accredited engineers will continue to help match the latest SD-WAN capabilities to your needs. This coupled with the insight we gain from monitoring and reporting on your infrastructure over time means we’re well positioned to contribute to your future network architecture ideas, just as if we were part of your own team. We can also provide a Co-Managed Service to suit the amount of management control you want to retain. We’d be happy to manage your SD-WAN solution even if you’ve purchased it elsewhere.

Silver Peak Managed Service Datasheet


As a Service

SD-WAN as a Service is delivered to a Statement of Work we’ll create in collaboration with you. It includes provision of the best-fit, industry-leading SD-WAN technology that we feel is right for your business, along with the Teneo people needed to continuously monitor and manage that technology, 24x7x365. We’ll also manage all change processes and provide you with quarterly service reviews. You pay an upfront Service Enablement fee and then pay for the delivery of SD-WAN as a Service on a monthly basis, allowing you to use your budget in an Opex model to spread the cost. Through our global services team and global support team, we’ll deliver and manage your SD-WAN technology across all available countries with as little or as much involvement from your teams as you desire.

SD-WAN as a Service Datasheet


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Our SD-WAN Partners

Silver Peak

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform lowers costs, and helps you gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport. Unlike other vendors, Silver Peak offers a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage.

Cisco Viptela

Cisco Viptela helps to cut existing operating costs in the WAN by more than 50%, increase bandwidth 10x, and significantly improve security and uptime. Cisco Viptela’s Secure Extensible Network (SEN) includes fully integrated routing, security, segmentation and policy.

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki presents a quick and simple way to implement SD-WAN and deliver industry-leading security including Snort IDS/IPS, Cisco AMP and content filtering.

VMware VeloCloud

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud is a key component of the Virtual Cloud Network and tightly integrated with VMware NSX Data Center and VMware NSX Cloud to enable customers to extend consistent networking and security policies from the data centre to the branch to the cloud.


Riverbed SteelConnect’s intuitive workflow, cloud-based centralised management and single intent-based policy enable automation and zero touch provisioning, removing the complexity of managing networks that extend to far flung places.

Oracle + Talari Networks

Our partnership with Talari Networks began in 2011 after we spotted how complementary their technology could be to WAN optimisation. Talari has incorporated over ten years of innovation into five generations of product and is successfully deployed across 500 customers and 9000 sites in over 40 countries.

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SD-WAN Complementary Technologies

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Access (GlobalProtect Cloud Service) provides a powerful, cloud-based Next-Generation Firewall environment that leverages the dynamics of SD-WAN to stop threats and safely enable access to internal and cloud-based apps. Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access is priced on throughput.


Zscaler provides fast, secure, and direct access to your apps – without appliances – by providing a secure web gateway, delivered entirely as a service. Zscaler is priced per number of users.


Aternity allows you to monitor the actual end user experience of any local, cloud, web, or enterprise mobile app running on any physical, virtual, or mobile device. Offered as Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service by Teneo, Aternity helps you benchmark user experience before and after an SD-WAN migration to ensure the result is at least the same, if not better, to prove your network transformation was worthwhile.

Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service


Opengear helps you ensure always-on availability to your SD-WAN deployments with an Out-of-Band network that provides secondary access in the event of an outage.

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SD-WAN Complementary Services

Visibility as a Service

Delivering a ‘single source of truth’ from click to disk, Visibility as a Service complements the visibility you’ll have through SD-WAN and allows you to forget about the high cost outlay for a network or application performance management tool you might only use 10% of, feature-wise. Technology obsolescence and upgrades will become a thing of the past and you won’t need a full time tool expert either. Instead, we’ll proactively focus on the specific outcomes you need. You’ll only pay for the people and infrastructure we use to deliver that service to you monthly. Now you can consolidate your existing tool portfolio, reduce costs, refocus your time, boost user productivity and smash customer experience out of the park.

Visibility as a Service Datasheet


Connectivity as a Service

Connectivity as a Service from Teneo helps you to leverage Internet Access at a more cost-effective rate than MPLS, ideal if you’re about to increase spend on MPLS, or look for a new MPLS provider or ISP to accommodate bandwidth growth. It also allows you to achieve greater agility in your SD-WAN deployment. The service is available in over 200 countries and territories, and we provide a fully project-managed, 24×7 enterprise-class service for all available Internet Access technologies with speeds and SLA’s to suit your needs.

Connectivity as a Service Datasheet


SaaS Optimisation as a Service

SaaS Optimisation as a Service for Remote & Mobile Workforces enhances end user experience while reducing your WAN or Internet link utilisation. The result? We’ll help you improve SaaS app adoption, increase end user productivity and boost satisfaction by optimising performance. You’ll also reduce SaaS operating costs by minimising bandwidth usage, errors, and network overhead.

SaaS Optimisation as a Service Datasheet


WAN Optimisation as a Service

SD-WAN is causing some of our customers to re-think their WAN Optimisation strategy, however most find that they do still require WAN Optimisation features in addition to the benefits SD-WAN can provide. WAN Optimisation as a Service enables you to get the latest performance features of WAN Optimisation without the capital outlay or associated workload and should be considered at your next WAN Optimisation refresh or in planning for SD-WAN.

WAN Optimisation as a Service Datasheet


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SD-WAN What Next

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