Riverbed SteelHead Refresh

Riverbed SteelHead Refresh


After such a long time of working with WAN Optimisation technology, we understand that priorities change. Let’s face it, your network, your applications and your users aren’t the same as they used to be. But we believe your Riverbed SteelHeads still have much to give.

You’ve already paid for them, so we’re here to help you make best use of your Riverbed SteelHead infrastructure where possible, while increasing your network and application performance. Where a Riverbed SteelHead refresh is overdue, we’ll help you to make a decision that’s right for you.

The timing of a refresh is so important. You risk losing out financially if you upgrade too early. But leave it too late and your organisation loses out on new features that can directly impact business outcomes over time.

Rather than allowing a Riverbed SteelHead refresh to creep up on you, we’ve prepared our best practice advice to help you find new love for your Riverbed SteelHead infrastructure and bring true value back to the heart of your application performance platform.


Our Top 7 Tips For Riverbed SteelHead Refresh provide a proactive approach:

1) Understand current SteelHead performance

2) Understand your changing business needs, including application priorities

3) De-risk your application deployments

4) Attend a Riverbed Roadmap session

5) Consider support implications if you plan to run SteelHeads beyond end of life

6) Consider global management costs

7) Re-evaluate your consumption model


Download the datasheet to read all Top 7 Tips in full:

Top 7 Tips For a Riverbed SteelHead Refresh


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