Networking Infrastructure Research Findings

A new report by Teneo reveals ever-higher user expectations and better visibility of applications, with SD-WAN being the catalyst for overcoming these challenges.

The vast majority of CIOs and senior IT executives in global companies are likely to start designing business services from the user experience outwards within the next two years. Given that many corporate network users have become accustomed to high speed broadband at home, providing employees with quick and agile networks is becoming more of a necessity to attracting and retaining top talent. But the benefits of taking a new approach to networking go so far beyond pleasing employees. As networks grow and see digitised business processes, widespread cloud services and more complex and federated supply chains, managing it and getting a clear view of these factors proves a constant challenge. Not only that, network upkeep remains a time-consuming task for half of CIOs, and still claims 36% of the IT budget.

Teneo uncovers the challenges faced by CIOs and reveals the extent to which businesses are using SD-WAN to get a firmer grip on their complex networks. But what are the main drivers? And what can businesses do to make such a bold move seamless and safe from risks? In this report based on a survey of 200 CIOs and IT managers, Teneo investigates and reveals some surprising conclusions

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