Workshop: Next-Generation Security and Performance for Critical Infrastructure

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critical infrastructure

SCADA and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) have undergone dramatic transformations in recent decades.

What once was a collection of isolated, proprietary systems based on serial protocols are now highly interconnected systems which leverage the Internet Protocol and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to optimise operations and reduce costs.

While the business benefits of this integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have been many, the modernisation has also increased the risk of cyber threats and performance issues, compromising the availability of the process and the well-being of personnel, citizens, economies and the environment. This, combined with rising threat and regulatory landscapes has increased the burden for asset owners in monitoring and securing their critical infrastructure.

To effectively monitor and protect today’s SCADA and ICS networks in critical infrastructure, a modernised approach to security and performance is necessary.

Request a Next-Generation Security and Performance Workshop from Teneo, to be held at your offices at a date convenient to you, where our Industry Experts in SCADA/ICS networks and partners from Riverbed, Palo Alto Networks and Gigamon will share how implementing a next-generation security and performance platform will help SCADA and ICS operations solve some of today’s greatest operational challenges.

Discussion topics include how to:

  • Gain granular visibility over operational network traffic
  • Segment networks with access controls while meeting performance requirements
  • Protect unpatched COTS systems
  • Prevent advanced cyberattacks which utilise ‘Zero Day’ methods with a deeper dive into:
    • A brief history of ransomware and its current state in terms of technology and methods used by attackers
    • Security and compliance risks associated with ransomware at different points of integrated IT-OT infrastructure
    • Best practices and technologies for protecting your organisation against ransomware

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