Gigamon Webinar: Want Better Network Visibility with Less Complexity? Here’s How!

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Enable IT Collaboration with a Common Distributed Data Services Layer.

The IT environment is rapidly changing, becoming more distributed and complex as organisations transform themselves to provide better digital experiences. Because these improved experiences will be more dependent on the network, it’s imperative for organisations to properly plan and prepare now to eliminate security blind spots. The bottom line is that companies need complete visibility into their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure to detect and contain data breaches and mitigate risk.

To accomplish this, successful organisations resist the legacy mentality that relies on more people and more tools at every location. Instead, they are turning to a new architectural approach that disaggregates the speed of the network from the speed of the tools inspecting traffic on that network. This innovative approach allows enterprises to absorb change in network speed and technology without compromising security.

ESG believes the foundational step in this approach is to ensure comprehensive infrastructure visibility across data centres and distributed edge and cloud environments. To do this, organisations must have a common distributed data services layer that can collect, process and distribute the right information to the right tools at the right time.

Join our partners Gigamon in this on demand webinar to learn how a consolidated network architecture that includes security delivers better visibility, reduces complexity and increases tool efficiency.


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