Gaucho, Bell Inn Yard, London, United Kingdom

17.30 - 22.00

Innovation and client service excellence are what make your firm stand out above the competition. But how do you continue to fully leverage your expert global teams when factors such as agile working and global information sharing are so heavily dependent on your data accessibility and storage strategy – from your headquarters to your branch offices?  

Online file sharing (OFS) and collaboration tools enable employees to easily store, access, and share documents and files from laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets using the Internet. In one sense they improve productivity but unfortunately, they also expose legal firms to data security, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance issues. 

When your employees can quickly and easily create their own accounts on free services – also known as “shadow IT”- and place business documents in public clouds, your IT team is left with no control of data, no protection, and no way to track information flowing out of (or back into) your firm. Similarly, when data is stored out at smaller branch offices without dedicated IT staff, how can you guarantee that data is being appropriately backed up and is out of reach of a breach or natural disaster? 

Join Teneo and our partners HDS and Riverbed at Gaucho, Bell Inn Yard on 26th November as we explore the solutions to these scenarios with a new approach to data storage architecture, from Data Centre to branch.


5:30pm-6pm: Reception Drinks & Registration

6pm-6:10pm: Welcome & Introduction to Legal Industry Challenges, Brett Ayres, Teneo

6:10pm-6:40pm: Legal Technology Brief, Subject Matter Expert, HDS

6:40pm-7pm: Zero Branch IT, Subject Matter Expert, Riverbed SteelFusion

7pm-10pm: Food & Continued Conversation


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