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When was your last update on Gigamon?

Gigamon was founded in 2004 to provide pervasive visibility into company data across the entire network.

While that vision’s still the same today, the network has changed dramatically. Just in the last year we’ve seen migration to high-speed 100Gb networks, a frightening rise in scale and sophistication of cyberattacks, and mainstream adoption of multiple clouds.

We’d like to make sure you know how Gigamon can help you handle these network, security and cloud complexities with efficiency and ease.

To that end, if it’s been at least 6 months since your last Gigamon update, we invite you to schedule a Gigamon roadmap session with Teneo to discover what’s new about the Gigamon Visibility Platform, including an update on the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform and Visibility Platforms for AWS and Azure.

First, here’s why Gigamon matters

Improving network reliability and security is a top priority for most organizations because downtime can lead to serious consequences – like reduced productivity and lost revenue. But it’s tricky, because physical and virtual environments, public/private/hybrid cloud and remote sites all need to be factored into your visibility architecture to make improvements a reality.

Meanwhile, advanced threat techniques, apps, and user demands are evolving every day, which creates a need for speed. What we often witness in this case is network and security tool sprawl, performance degradation, inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditure. With Gigamon, we can help make your network more accurate, efficient and economical.

The fact is, some downtime events will happen no matter what, but the key to reducing the impact of downtime on your organization is to minimize the duration of each event. And to do that, you need to be able to predict downtime way sooner.

Today’s Gigamon Visibility Fabric helps you do just that. It interfaces between the network and your network monitoring and security tools and allows you to capture traffic from key network points, apply services and intelligence to that captured traffic, and send it on with priority for your tools to do their thing. Both NetOps and SecOps teams benefit from the common Gigamon Visibility Platform, which also lets you deploy new tools less intrusively and rationalize the weaker tools you no longer need so you reduce the sprawl and expense.

The concept’s simple, and the result is that you get to dramatically accelerate the detection of a performance or security problem and stop downtime in its tracks. You’ll also reduce the complexity, management, risk and overall cost of your network monitoring and security toolsets while increasing compliance.

The GIGAMON roadmap session agenda

Admittedly, a whole set of Gigamon Visibility Platform components work behind the scenes to drive these results and we look forward to explaining how everything works in person at a Gigamon roadmap session. Here’s a flavor of what you can expect. To get maximum value from a Gigamon roadmap session, we highly recommend that representatives from both your NetOps and SecOps teams attend.

1. Platform Intro

At the start of the session, we’ll introduce you to the full Gigamon Visibility Platform today along with Gigamon’s philosophy, including certain futures. This high-level overview also presents the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform, which empowers the right inline security tools, e.g. IPS, APT and WAF solutions, to see, secure and prevent intrusions within your ever-growing network traffic and during software upgrades. We’ll conclude this section with an introduction to the Gigamon Visibility Platforms for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

2. OS Update

You’ll be introduced to new features in the latest version of GigaVUE-OS such as GigaStream, Clustering – where you can combine multiple heterogeneous devices and manage as one logical node, Flow Mapping – which allows you to select traffic flows of interest with precision, and Automatic Network Discovery.

3. Inline Bypass

We’ll spend focused time discussing Inline Bypass, which is a key component of the GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform and the GigaVUE OS. Since failing inline tools can disrupt the very applications and services they’re meant to protect, this feature acts as a fail-safe access port for inline security tools, automatically switching traffic via bypass mode to remove the failure point and keep critical network traffic and protection up and running.

4. Traffic Intelligence

For better traffic intelligence, we’ll update you on GigaSMART, highlighting key benefits such as Deduplication, Metadata Generation, SSL / TLS Decryption and Application Session Filtering.

5. Visibility Nodes & Orchestration

We’ll show you greater flexibility options for visibility nodes in the GigaVUE range, along with the more traditional Network TAPs Gigamon’s renowned for, all designed to scale to the most demanding networks. We’ll touch on centralized management and orchestration too with GigaVUE-FM.

6. Wider Ecosystem

We’ll let you know how you can take further advantage of integrations with Teneo’s Gigamon ecosystem partners such as Riverbed, Palo Alto Networks and Splunk in your environment to extend your Visibility Platform benefits.

7. Teneo Support & Services

To conclude, we’ll share how we can make life easier for you with Teneo Support for Gigamon as part of the Gigamon Support Program. And if you’ve let your Gigamon tools go a little rusty, we’ll prescribe a Health Check or other Teneo offerings such as Visibility as a Service to get you back on track.

Schedule your Gigamon roadmap session

To schedule your Gigamon Roadmap session with Teneo, simply choose a date and time that suits you for us to attend your site and let us know you’d like us to organize the session! You can contact your Teneo Account Manager directly or get in touch with us using the Contact Us form below, at or by phone. We’ll take care of everything else.

Please note, because we’ll be discussing certain futures, we’ll ask you to sign a Gigamon NDA in advance of the session.

And remember, to get maximum value from a Gigamon roadmap session, we highly recommend that representatives from both NetOps and SecOps teams attend, so be sure to invite your colleagues!

Gigamon Roadmap

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