Storing and managing your unstructured data securely

By Arthur Leach

Storage Technical Sales Consultant

Old fashioned Tape Drives stacked“The need to swiftly and expertly store and manage unstructured data has never been greater” according to Hitachi Data Systems. They outlined in a whitepaper last year how Enterprise IT organisations are trying to solve really difficult business data issues, just as the digital universe hits vast growth spikes: Massive and perpetual data storage increases are predicted.

From what I’m seeing with customers, those predictions are pretty close to the mark, and for many customers I’ve talked to the security of that data is a key issue. Most unstructured data that’s added daily in to the enterprise is security-intensive, compliance-intensive or preservation-intensive, and it is increasing year on year.

Some of our customers work in fields where data can be very sensitive, ranging from medical organisations to forensic accountants. When it comes to storing data safely, and to be able to provide a full history of the data then Hitachi Content Platform, HDS’s object store is the way to go. Not only is it an Object store with a multitude of security and compliance features, it is also the core of an archive, ROBO and file, sync, and share solution.  When your whole business relies on trust and security; you need to have the equivalent of a digital bank vault.

The multipurpose HCP at the centre of an internal/hybrid cloud can bring multiple must have security features. The ones that come as standard that I think are worth a mention are Retention times, Authenticity, WORM, Encryption, Access control and Auditing, Encryption.  In addition to these, when the data is legally no longer required it is truly shredded – not just deleted. And when you need to find data when a client calls for it or litigation requires it then the HCP metadata query engine ensures a fast and efficient search and retrieval of relevant files. No more searching through back up tapes to find all the versions and copies of the required data. These features are on top of the Data protection features expected from a high quality Object store.

If you like to read more about the topic I’d recommend this whitepaper “Solve Data Protection and Security Issues Amid Big Data, Cloud and Unbridled Enterprise Growth”. It examines data protection and security must haves for solving legal compliance and preservation of data.

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