Palo Alto Networks WildFire European Data Centre

By Allen Wilkes

Technical Sales Consultant

Palo Alto Networks have addressed end customer data privacy and EU data compliance legislation concerns by creating a European data centre, for their WildFire cloud-based threat analysis and prevention service.

Palo Alto Networks WildFire “WildFire™ cloud-based analysis service analyzes files and links globally and designates never-before-seen items for further investigation using static and dynamic analysis over multiple operating systems and application versions. If a sample is categorized as malicious, WildFire will automatically generate and populate a holistic set of new preventions to our Next-Generation Security Platform and integration partners, minimizing the risk of infection from known and unknown threats without any additional, manual action.” 

Prior to the new European data centre the WildFire analysis was performed outside the EU, leading to data privacy concerns from companies requiring EU data compliance assurance. This left these customers unable to adopt the WildFire cloud-based threat analysis and prevention service to enhance their investment in the Palo Alto Networks platform, meaning they were missing a much needed extra layer of protection from unknown threats. The only option was for them to invest in an on premise WildFire solution to create their own private cloud solution, creating additional overheads and management from the customers’ side, not really an ideal solution.

The announcement of the new European data centre for WildFire cloud-based threat analysis and prevention service now enables European businesses with data privacy requirements to allay those concerns and comply with EU data protection laws. At the same time they can secure their enterprises from unknown threats by leveraging the WildFire cloud-based threat analysis and prevention service.

Data privacy compliance is assured by changing the configuration of the WildFire URL in the Palo Alto Networks firewall configuration to use the new Europe address, and all samples submitted will remain within the EU borders. Operating independently of the WildFire global cloud, the samples will be analysed and if required, signatures will be generated.

How to submit samples to the WildFire Europe Cloud

  1. Login to the firewall & select Device ->Setup ->WildFire, click the cog on General Settings
  2. Enter the URL for the WildFire Public Cloud as
  3. Click OK and commit the change
  4. Verify the change by using Monitor -> WildFire Submissions (there may be no immediate submissions to WildFire, hence there might no information in this log)

PAN Wildfire

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