Managing Student Media Consumption on Campus

By Lauren Fortune

Chief Marketing Officer

student media

As an IT professional at a college or university, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how connected the students on your campus have become. They’re more dependent on devices, more addicted to applications and consume media content more rapidly now than even just a few years ago thanks to the on-demand revolution. Instant gratification is in — and the more media content students can binge on, the better.

For today’s college students, screen time is literally all the time and 24/7 Internet access is no longer a nice to have – it’s a must have.

Many of your students are not only learning on campus, they’re living on campus and their expectations are even higher for excellent application quality of experience at all times. But what often stands in the way of delivering great user experiences on campus is trying to strike the right balance with your available network resources.

Students enjoy streaming and they’re paying to be at your institution and use the network, so blocking problem applications just won’t fly. On the other hand, the all-you-can-stream, no network control approach will jeopardize the performance of your mission critical applications which won’t cut it either.

To complicate things further, there are still students out there that have not yet subscribed to streaming services and are still downloading content illegally, which can put your school’s Federal Aid eligibility at risk.

If your IT department is struggling to manage student media consumption on campus, you’re not alone.

Exinda have produced the IT Pro Survival Guide to Managing Student Media Consumption on Campus to help you.

Part one of the guide outlines how to allow your students to stream that sweet, sweet content without compromising the performance of your critical applications. Part two covers how to put an end to piracy on campus so you can stay compliant and stop receiving those pesky Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices.



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