Fed up of IT War Rooms – How do you improve MTTI?

By Marc Sollars

Chief Technology Officer

MTTI = Mean Time To Innocence, everyone working in IT has at some point been been involved with an all hands call, meeting or war rooms when the proverbial hits the fan. These can be frustrating, embarrassing and sometimes aggressive meetings where you have everyone fighting their own corner. The Network guy pointing at the Server guy who points at the App guy who blames the Network or the DB guy, and the circle starts again!

These situations are caused by the lack of visibility that IT departments have across the different silos, each team having their own tools to diagnose, thus not being able to easily see how they are interacting together and how it is affecting the end user.

What if you could walk into all hands meeting with the information that told you what is happening, who is affected and where to pinpoint the efforts, and be alerted to this before a user even picks up the phone?

In today’s IT landscape it’s the Applications that drive a business, with this a business must have the ability to baseline a user’s experience and identify whether its the Application, Database, Network, Server or even a line of code that has caused any degradation.

If you are looking at NPM/APM solutions or just spending too much of your time in War Rooms,  the team at Teneo and I would be happy to have a conversation around the technologies/solutions that can help and provide visibility into your environment.

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