Fact Flash: News Round-Up w/c 17th July

By Bernadette Rowan

Marketing Manager


Channel Partners – 6 SD-WAN add-ons that can boost profits:  The rapid change and broad range of SD-WAN players in the market means customers need partners who can help evaluate, deploy and manage the technology for them. And, especially for Enterprises, one product may not fit all use cases, requiring integration. https://44s3b94691sl3smgmb1y936e-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Channel-Partners-6-SD-WAN-add-ons-that-can-boost-profits.pdf


Breach Prevention Prep Part 3: Use Automation to prevent evasive threats and C2 Traffic. To prepare for breach prevention week the third blog in the series  covers detection, automated prevention and leveraging threat intelligence sources into preventive actions.  https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/breach-prevention-week-use-automation-prevent-evasive-threats-c2-traffic/


Breach Prevention Week: July 24th – 29th. Join Teneo and Palo Alto Networks for Breach Prevention Week, a series of online webinars kicking off July 24th! http://gator.teneo.net/teneolz/lz.aspx?p1=T051S111311333&CC=&p=1&cID=0&cValue=1


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Twitter: @TeneoGrp

Palo Alto Networks is now a six-time @Gartner_inc Magic Quadrant leader! https://researchcenter.paloaltonetworks.com/2017/07/palo-alto-networks-now-six-time-gartner-magic-quadrant-leader/

SD-WAN: What is it and why you’ll use it one day  http://www.networkworld.com/article/3031279/sd-wan/sd-wan-what-it-is-and-why-you-ll-use-it-one-day.html … via @networkworld

What’s your organizational maturity level for #security?  Are you in denial?  http://cgt.bz/1vm4a  … … Video from @gigamon

Did SD-WAN kill WAN Optimization? http://cgt.bz/1wd86  … #bettertogether

Buying a new #firewall, Here’s 10 things it must do http://cgt.bz/1ufqx  … @PaloAltoNtwks free guide

How can network admins #SeeWhatMatters to close the #visibility gap? This #infographic tells the story. https://www.gigamon.com/content/dam/resource-library/english/infographic/in-see-what-matters.pdf … (full image)

#DidYouKnow Gigamon’s joint #visibility solution w/@ExtraHop enables organizations to #SeeWhatMatters in their data? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQruHlOG5YA

What’s the latest in @riverbed @SteelCentral AppResponse #SaaS #Aternity #NetIM http://cgt.bz/1ui74   … … via @TeneoGrp

A Hacker’s Dream: American Password Reuse Runs Rampant  https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/american-password-reuse-runs/#.WXB7zxnPi0o.twitter

Join Teneo & @PaloAltoNtwks for Breach Prevention Week July 24-28: http://bit.ly/2u558tG  #CredentialBasedAttacks #Phishing #CyberSecurity

The 5 realities of deploying  #skypeforbusiness guide http://cgt.bz/1wdb1   @riverbed #SteelCentral #Visibility

Digital Transformation and BIM 2 for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) https://www.teneo.net/uk/blog/digital-transformation-and-bim-2-for-aec-architecture-engineering-construction/ … via @TeneoGrp

How’s your relationship with your @riverbed #Steelhead’s? Check out our top 7 tips http://cgt.bz/1v0xr  …?  to approach your refresh.

4 Reasons Higher Ed Needs Better Network Visibility & Control http://cgt.bz/1v1d2  … @exinda

How @talari @TeneoGrp and @PaloAltoNtwks deliver Secure SD-WAN at the branch http://cgt.bz/1ujl4  … #bettertogether

The new language making coders smile https://www.wired.com/story/kotlin-the-upstart-coding-language-conquering-silicon-valley/?mbid=social_twitter_onsiteshare … via @WIRED

Find out why you need to protect your cloud, and how Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Security Platform can help.  http://pasw.us/10B58D

.@Riverbed SteelCentral closes the visibility gap between IT monitoring tools & what users are really experiencing: http://rvbd.ly/2vyvmSG

Partners @PaloAltoNtwks & @riverbed combine platforms for branch office #Security and #performance http://cgt.bz/1uivk … via @TeneoGrp

How @proofpoint @PaloAltoNtwks Deliver Extended Protection Against Advanced Threats  @TeneoGrp #specialistintegrator

Ensuring Good Application Performance #APM #NPM #EUM http://cgt.bz/1uhvd  via @TeneoGrp

Why you need an integrated security platform #ITsecurity #CyberSecurity @TeneoGrp  http://ow.ly/SOdF30dvgRM

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