Meet The Team

Working together towards a common vision, the Teneo leadership team follows our brand beliefs – Think Big, Always Be Curious, Be Open-Minded, Be Inspired and Give Selflessly – and inspires others to do the same and have the courage to make a difference. Meet the Teneo team below.

Piers Carey
Chief Executive Officer

Piers co-founded Teneo in March 2000 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors as well as Chief Executive Officer. Piers inspires the Teneo team to realise customer service excellence and has his own personal vision to impact the education of one million children in Africa.

Rachel Head
Vice President of Human Resources

Rachel drives brand growth across the group and directs all Teneo HR initiatives, including employee satisfaction and training. She’s a keen supporter of our corporate values, strives to improve on our fantastic working environment and drives our focus on excellence amongst employees and customers.

Carolyn Clark
Chief Financial Officer

Working across the Teneo group, Carolyn ardently leads the finance, administration and logistics team to deliver accurate, effective and very timely services to the business in a fast-paced environment.

Matt Lukash
Chief Sales Officer

Matt is passionate about building winning teams and establishing true partnerships with Teneo employees and clients. With over 16 years of global sales and sales leadership experience he brings a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to the team. Matt holds an MBA from Georgia State University’s J.Mack Robinson School of Business.

Lauren Fortune
Chief Marketing Officer

Lauren avidly promotes consistent customer experience across all global touch points at Teneo. Her interest is in building customer relationships that are mutually beneficial, leading to innovation that enhances business for both Teneo and our customers.

Marc Sollars
Chief Technology Officer

Marc is our chief evangelist and a Company Director. In his role as CTO, Marc has a passion for identifying next-generation technologies that are early to market and can be integrated into Teneo’s services portfolio. He also enjoys introducing these to our global customers. You can follow Marc on Twitter @MarcatTeneo

James Hall
Operations Director

As a Company Director and Operations Director, James manages Teneo’s service and support teams, systems and processes, legal and contractual work, maintains our ISO certifications and enthusiastically leads our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Steve Evans
Vice President of Solutions Engineering

Steve’s desire to stay ahead of technology trends inspires our engineering team to seek the best fit solutions for our customers. Steve leads our “as a Service” developments, working closely with our customers and partners.

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