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Eliminate tool proliferation by only consuming the resources and tools needed to monitor your endpoints, infrastructure and applications effectively. Find out more about our flexible, simplified approach to visibility.



As threat actors continue to evolve their tactics, techniques, and procedures, our Managed Detection and Response services enable you to deliver more than just prevention and detection capabilities.



Performance shouldn't be an afterthought. Our proactive approach to performance leverages our visibility services for constant monitoring, and uses the insights gained from those services to inform corrective action.


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“If our IT wasn’t able to perform over a long period, we’d run the risk of reducing our capacity to support our programmes across the globe. Therefore, selecting the right device to support our networks, as well as the right Specialist Integrator in Teneo to guide us through it, was a high priority.”

James Stone, Head of Global IT Services, Plan InternationalJames Stone, Head of Global IT Services, Plan International Discover how we helped »

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