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Eliminate network challenges and boost performance for O365, improving employee engagement and collaboration in a work-from-anywhere world.

O365 challenges today

Data growth explosion

The growth in file sharing, video meetings, and live events via Teams and Stream has exploded in Microsoft Office 365 as organizations seek to collaborate from anywhere.

But such growth is placing added demands on network and security infrastructures as threats increase, and network inhibitors such as latency, congestion, and unpredictable last-mile networks slow application delivery and impact user experience.

No infrastructure ownership

And while the IT team is accountable for O365 security and performance, it doesn’t own the actual application infrastructure itself.

This makes a quality user experience and O365 business value even more challenging to deliver.

Lowered ROI due to slowdowns

Network and security slowdowns limit O365 collaboration and productivity, and effectively lower the ROI organizations can expect from their O365 investment.

To reverse this effect, organizations must take a more holistic approach to the way they manage O365 Visibility, Security and Performance.

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How successful Infrastructure & Operations leaders are approaching this issue

How successful Infrastructure & Operations leaders are approaching this issue

Successful I&O leaders have found a way to understand O365 usage and adoption and determine when application or network changes affect O365 service quality.

They’re also able to speed problem resolution, deliver fast and predictable performance, and identify and respond to threats across core O365 services.

Our O365 service overview

Teneo’s O365 service combines Visibility, Security and Performance components to accelerate collaboration and ensure goals are met across your O365 environment.

Our Approach to O365

  • Provide comprehensive visibility into network and application health, and actual end user experience to resolve performance and security issues.
  • Isolate application performance problems to the user’s device, the network, or the O365 back-end.
  • Establish performance baselines for acceptable O365 performance by geography, department, or device configuration.
  • Reduce bandwidth required to deliver high-quality Teams and Stream to every user.
  • Analyze trends in O365 usage across the organization to ensure adoption goals are met.
  • Compare performance before and after application and infrastructure changes to ensure they result in a better service.
  • Identify and respond to suspicious activity, phishing attacks and policy modifications across core O365 services using proprietary threat detectors and runbooks.
  • Embed threat hunting and human analysis of aggregated O365 log data to aid rapid response.

Service Outcomes

  • Maximize your O365 investment by providing improved collaboration across a business-critical application your users rely on every day.
  • Deliver consistently faster access, always-on availability, and a reliable user experience anywhere, over any network.
  • Eliminate the networking headaches of corporate video communication by reducing up to 99% of video data from corporate networks.
  • Identify and resolve network performance issues 67% faster.
  • Make monitoring, troubleshooting, and security analytics easier with end-to-end visibility to help you quickly and proactively resolve any network-based performance issue.
  • Gain full O365 threat visibility, threat hunting and facilitated response.
  • Prove that your O365 deployment actually improves productivity.

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